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Advance works to begin on Marina Park Phase Two .

With the next phase of the 70 acre Marina Park on course to begin this summer, advance works are taking place over the coming weeks.

A long-term ambition of Cork City Council, the completed park will be six times larger than Fitzgerald’s Park and equivalent in size to Dublin Zoo. Phase 1 of the park (14 acres) was officially opened in June 2022.

Just 2.5 kilo meters from the city center, Marina Park is a key economic driver and catalyst for Cork Docklands.  This next and final phase of Marina Park will extend from The Atlantic Pond to Church Avenue and will accommodate picnic areas, adventure play areas, new paths, a preserved marshland zone and the restoration of several architectural heritage sites. It will deliver high-quality public space and landscaping while protecting and enhancing the natural heritage and biodiversity of the area.

To facilitate the development of woodland trails and paths, some trees and scrub must be removed in the coming weeks. Ten trees will be removed to facilitate construction of the approved park design and a further 16 trees will be removed as they are diseased or dead and hence pose a safety concern. Extensive new tree planting (70+ trees) forms part of the next stage of the park, based on expert biodiversity and landscape advice, with a focus on biodiverse native planting.

The Marina Park works will include:

  • The upgrading and creation of accessible, formal and informal paths and trails throughout the park.
  • The restoration and preservation of heritage structures within the park and the creation of a heritage trail to highlight the unique history of the marina
  • Improvements works to the Atlantic Pond area including the removal of the existing concrete edging and replacement with a selection of hard and soft landscapes, improved seating provision and replacement of the existing concrete bridge.
  • The provision of a nature playground as well as various play areas throughout the park
  • The ecological management of the meadows, woodlands and marsh areas to promote and increase the biodiversity of the area embracing and enhancing the existing natural assets of the site including the Atlantic Pond, the Marsh, mature woodland, and open meadow areas
  • Provision of sensitive public lighting and feature lighting
  • Other associated works including park furniture, points of interest, wayfinding etc.

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